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My name is Martin Wardley. I write words. I write songs.


I was born, raised, scorned, praised and schooled in East Lancashire.

There I took my initial cautious steps on this most pedestrian of odysseys.


I have walked around the globe

I have danced in the sun and bathed in the rain

I have taken both the low and the high roads

I have swallowed pride and consumed pain

I have loved, loathed, forgotten and forgiven

I have striven for unreachable peaks,

Unfathomable depths, indisputable direction

I have failed them all. I have fallen. I have risen

I have been laid bare under smiling stars, alone

And made love under a scornful moon for two

I gorged on feasts of energy and motivation, joy and jubilation

And wept at the feet of my demons and their perpetual curses

I disappeared into dungeons and refused the help of my aides and my nurses

My hands bare the callouses and my brain the submissions

To my many afflictions and my varied positions 

Through water, wind, ice, wood, concrete, treacle, praise, disdain and glass I have passed.

To get me here 

All this and more I pour with passion, with dignity, with blood, with love and dirt into my tunes, my words, my work. 

Constantly pedestrian in nature, the odyssey continues undaunted. And continues to surprise.

My name is Martin Wardley. I write words. I write songs.

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Formal Bio & pics

Martin Wardley is a songwriter, poet and performer. He hails from East Lancashire but has since spent many years living in London, Bath and now resides in Kendal, Cumbria . He releases music under his own name and also co-writes material for other artists to recorhd and perform.


Martin is inspired by all manner of genres and artists: Woody Guthrie, punk, folk, Nick Cave, electronica, 60's girl bands, Tom Waits, surf rock, classical to name but a few.


Martin spends time between his business, his words, his family, the outdoors and last but by no means least his music. He continues to collaborate and release via other artists, write for sync purposes and will continue to release his own material on a regular basis. These will all be released via the usual channels.


Finally he also plans to play live in the near future - get in touch if you think he would be a worthy support!

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