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Hi all

I come to you for help.

As per the current collection of songs being released I am neck-deep in my own creative Pedestrian Odyssey. This has been going on for quite some time - writing, performing, recording, releasing - and all while maintaining a day job. This year however I have parked the day job to focus fully on releasing a song a month, words every week and working with a multitude of writers in order to write for others. See links here and via the website for current "Martin Wardley" output.

My work has been described by others as resembling that of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and the like. 

All current released material - tunes, words (lyrics and poems), videos, pics - is available and "free" via my social media and the various usual sites. They will continue to be given away until there is momentum. And here lies the issue.

As we all know the face of the music industry and how we consume and pay for music has changed. It continues to do so. For a DIY artist working outside the constraints of a label there is a significant hurdle to overcome in order to build a following before any commercial support can be gleaned from sales, streams etc. During this period the writing and recording process, the musicians who assist, the releasing of the product, the creation of video and the marketing all still require funding. 

This is where Patreon and hopefully you come in. They have very usefully built a platform that allows artists to share their work and for Patrons to financially support the artists for the work they do in return for "Rewards". Perfect!

Please see the various Rewards on my
Patreon page. These outline what I’m looking for and what you get in return for your invaluable support. I also include an option for anyone who would like to give more and in doing so would warrant a discussion to determine what this would look like for both of us.

Let me be perfectly clear: I will continue to work and release with or without this additional support. Without it simply means it may take longer and I may need to cut certain specific corners in order to manage costs. I’m asking for your help in order to give this the best and most focused chance to succeed. Along with the afore mentioned elements you also share the journey as this most Pedestrian of Odysseys gains momentum, moves towards and surpasses some significant milestones. 

As this happens we will all share any success together!

All the very best 

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