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A change

There is a thinly veiled change pervading the in-coming air

A slight and lazy chill resting in the breast of a gentle breeze

A Dawn pushed out by the arms of a reticent clock

And a Dusk drawn closer by the shrinking season equinox

The green of leaves subsides to a withering yellow

Or an iron-fired, blood-red crimson

This condition evokes memories, recollections to stoke the mind’s eye

And rekindle the submission to a summers slow demise

But this change from the blue to the grey, the warm to the brisk, the bare to the clad

Welcomes sensations anew, fused with curious opportunity and painted with faint expectation

A change is a good as a rest they opine

And seasonal change be the transition to which my disposition is favourably inclined

8th Sept 2021

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