• Martin Wardley


Before the recognition of pain

Before the false perception of the teeming rain

Before the keen pursuit of misuse

Before the first and third-party abuse

Before the physical dependence

Before the need for vengeance

Before the miles of travel

Before the plans unravelled

Before the sweet temptation of the skin

Before the shit I laboured awkwardly in

Before the emotional blackmail

Before the constant questioning

Before the eye for detail

Before the allegations and the reckoning

Before the heat of ice

Before the cold of flames

Before all this pointless advice

Before the vacant expert explained

Before the weight of the journey came to call

Before it all

Before it all

Only purity, ignorance and innocence

Awaiting the steel of experience

Tempered by accomplishment and forged by faults

To carve, to shape, to form, to maul

Before it all

Was uninformed and ill defined

And not where all the interest lies

22nd Sept 2021

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