• Martin Wardley

Breakfast activities (at Timothy’s)

A whining warble winces on the airwaves

My two fried eggs are slightly under-cooked

The menu sighs in misspelt carelessness

While the grammar stutters, stammers, overlooked

The waiter brings a healthy dose of caffeine

His early irritation dissipating with the clouds

I sit and sip and contemplate the day

Too early for the noise and raucous crowds

The art upon the walls fails to adorn

And floundering to please or stimulate

Seeks reassurance from the lifeless seats

Who hide their shame beneath the tables frame

And in the wake of such a pointless week

Of interruptions marred with ostentation

All talk has now subsided into calm

And now at last in muted rumination

Here I sit in solitude

Engrossed and yet at peace

Overcome with gratitude

And all is where it really ought to be

1st July 2021

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