• Martin Wardley

Here I stand

Did I invest at best with adequacy

In all probability I did not

Can I recall a score of splendid decisions

I confess with distress I cannot

But my multiple poor judgements

Held a key for all the locks

Did I see it coming?

I merely watched it going

Did I take the time to absorb it?

Unconsciously perhaps, yet unknowing

But the speed now slowed

Illuminates, decodes

Did I live it straight, did I live it true?

Unquestioningly I floundered, I faltered, I wavered

Was my virtue fit to follow?

I fear not and fell frustrated

But the shadows hold their secrets:

I collected and collated

Did I fail when it was written to succeed

I deeply failed of course

Did I cease when the sign was there to continue

I failed to journey that fateful road

But I ventured down another

And here I stand enthralled

14th April 2021

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