• Martin Wardley

It’s not what I do

It’s not what I do

It’s what I am

It’s not the metrics

The measurements

The likes or the streams

It’s not these gorgeous, gorged

Or tainted dreams

It’s neither the wealth

Nor the riches

Nor the cards I’ve been dealt

Is there narcissism?

Is there questionable sanity?

And what of bloated ego?

And what of swollen vanity?

And unattainable fantasy?

What of all indeed

Perhaps. I will concede

But the aim is in the work

The joy in the endeavour

The love is in the product

The need in the creation

It’s more than mere fixation

It’s more than an affliction

A possible addiction?

It’s pleasure, pain

It’s ecstasy and hurt

It will not change the world

It will not break a mould

It will not please the most

But it will touch the few

It’s simply what I am

It’s not just what I do

10th Nov 2021

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