• Martin Wardley

Save us

God-like and imperious she stands

But blind to all authority she commands

Holding all our futures in her hands

Acknowledging the wailing and demands

This angel takes a moment to reflect

On all the pain and hatred we inflict

Considering the weight of our regret

And finding us quite wildly ill equipped

The lady sees a failing in our ways

With all our ingenuity and haste

We cease to see the chaos we create

Inevitably doomed to seal a fate

She comes now with a rod of retribution

She comes now with a resolute conclusion

She comes to disinfect and sanitise

And for an eye she comes to take an eye

And thus with both monstrosity and might

She guides us through the evening into night

To stem this ancient rock of her demise

With merciless intent to stabilise

Save us from ourselves is all we ask

And save all those we bludgeon in our path

Save the air we breathe and furthermore

Save the grain of kindness at our core

31st March 2021

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