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The man

I’m the man

The man who makes mistakes

The man who regardless ate the cake

The man who disrespects the woman

The man who violates the man

The man who never understands

The man who doesn’t give a damn

The man who covers all the cracks

The man who doesn’t have your back

I’m the man who never listens, never sees

The man who does exactly as he pleases

The man with the brazen aggression

The man with an unhealthy obsession

I’m the man of the few

Who profits from the multitude?

I too am the man of the many

Who didn’t get any

The man with little choice

The man with an inaudible voice

The man without the gift

The man who stands and takes it

The man living off crumbs and scraps

The man who lost the way, the vision, the map

The man quite literally frayed

The man who lost his place

The man who has been trodden on

The man frequently put upon

The man who has been bruised

The man who is excluded

The man rejected, repressed, refused

And I’m told I’m the fortunate few

I’m the man

22nd July 2022

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