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The room and I

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

The walls are a shade darker than the last time

The shadow cast by the lazy shade slightly longer by a doleful sigh

The drawers yawned open baring teeth then uttered a subtle scream

And the raw boards exposed a history more severe than previously seen

The room had changed

The thrifty light from beyond the pane more hesitant than before

Stories painted in the corners with an air of melancholic doubt

All inspiration dissolved from the once rich veins within the gaudy decor

And nothing could I find to raise waters from this once deep well now parched in drought

The room had changed

The bed lay harsh and cold and uninviting

While fading smiles in ageing oils mocked previous excitement

And while I collated, compiled and classified these moody observations

I realised that all were merely offering a stark and gloomy revelation

The room had not changed

Only I

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