• Martin Wardley

This beautiful day (2nd Dec 2020)

Under the shady haze of over-indulgence

With hesitation and reluctance

I step into the arms of this mist eclipsed morn

Awoken to the bliss and the perfect kiss

Of an empty itinerary, pregnant with possibility

A stroll in an air so clean we can taste it

And a ground so inviting

To haste would lay waste and to rush and to fuss

Would be such a disservice and would poison the purpose

We discovered by chance when searching proved futile

A stile, a magnificent mile

A frond of a ray, a hidden way and a shimmering stream

Revealing a dream: the day of all days

A day for cessation of woe

A splendid occasion to sow

The seeds and the plans of renewed expectations

With silent celebration

A rare revelation

This unscheduled escape, this impromptu delay

These precious few hours on this beautiful day

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Constantly pedestrian in nature, the odyssey continues undaunted
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