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Anything of value


I wanted it so badly now I don't want a thing

I needed it so desperately now I don’t need a thing

I loved her so dearly now I don't love a thing

I hated him with such a passion now I don't hate a thing

I've made my excuses, I set all the fuses

Now I'm blowing this to pieces to discover if there's anything of value worth keeping


I was gorgeous and handsome so tell me something new

I was articulate and eloquent, now I am mute

I moved with style and grace, and now, now I'm still

I was blessed with abundance of wealth, now I am quite ill


I've been firing indiscriminately Now a little more selective

I've been low, I've been lower the low, But it delivers renewed perspective

And standing here surrounded by the corpses of the choices I rejected

Wishing I could resurrect a few but its no less than I suspected/expected


Bridge lead

Rip out my heart, Start to tease apart, The ragged ruins there within

Glance upon my skin, And touch what’s living in, This curse of contradiction


Backing Vox for bridge

I don't want it, I don't need it, it holds nothing for me

I don't love it, I don't need it, there is nothing for me here


There are no harmonies in this leaden heart, but I will sing

I brought nothing to these broken bonds but love I will bring

These legs step with 2 left feet, but they they're gonna move

I'm throwing all of this away, I'm gonna find me a brand new groove

Anything of Value
Closing Doors

Closing doors


Make the slightest smallest sound

Tie my dreaming to the ground

Build me up to knock me

Down, down, down, down


Gouge my eyes and clip my claws

Break my bones and break my laws

Delight me now and blow me

Down, down, down, down


Squeeze me tight and luv me close

Yeah I'm smiling - semi-comotosed

Grant me sleep and drag me

Down, down, down, down


So please hold me tonight

Gather my grievances and side them out of sight

Excuses I have built to hide behind

I've closed all these doors and I don't know why


Nail my picture to the wall

Send my failings to them all

Print and be damned

And chart my rise and my fall


Actions define and words come cheap

My blood it boils my heart it seethes

I hear their noise

but its contempt I feel


So side my plate and pour my beer

Light my fuse and then stand clear

I'll be Damned if I'm going

Down, down, down, down


So please hold me as you do

I've seen all the evidence but I'm not looking for the proof

And now I'm back up off the floor

I'm not closing doors, not I, not anymore


Open all my doors

Throw away the key



There were stones in both of my shoes

The time was nigh to lie or to pay up on all of my dues

I was broken

All was left unspoken to my acquaintances and my foes


In the recesses of my bankrupted soul

I heard a whisper, maybe I was losing control

I was merely broken

Feeling obtuse and rendered deaf and rendered mute


I lost my lovers and my friends I went from bad to worse

My blessings both impoverished and cursed


Unforgiven and bed-ridden I was bust and I was beaten

Fragmented and frustrated

Weighed down by this yoke that I'd created

I was the last to see the signs that I was broken


Now I'm slowly liberated from my thirst

And my malevolence is dancing with my mirth

I was broken my suit was soaking

But my wit was still dry


Laid naked to my demons

I rocked and rolled and I was reeling

Bare chested and thoroughly tested

I first denied and then I confessed it

It was nothing that I could not mend but I was broken


I lost my dignity and my faith

And from rude health I fell into the open arms of my twisted fate


I lost my reason and my rhyme

My rhythm found them in a smile, in a smile

mmmmm in a smile


Spring Tide

It’s a spring tide and the moon is smiling There is no history here to cramp my style

And this rush of blood claims maybe I'm in love The sea wind bites and a memory lingers

I hold your hand in my salty fingers I know they say I'm in love and maybe I am


I'm holding on to this for as long as I'm able It’s been too long a road for both me and May

She tells me shes love and that maybe I am I kiss her neck and wipe away the tears

Battered weary by both the mileage tides and the years  The surf churns and murmurs maybe I'm in love

Maybe I am And is it wrtitten in the sand Or in my blood and my bones and my poetry and prose


Its what you can't see, but right in front of your eyes blinded by a mist, Blinded and preoccupied

Its taken some time, its taken an age. Now I'm peeling back protection, And I'm lost tracing the contours of in your face


And the snow tipped dunes of this New years scene blow the sand in our eyes, and rip the skin from our skin

Its too harsh in this wind to feel love but maybe I do And as the sun rises and the beach fire dies

I'm squeezing your fingers and I'm closing your eyes Now the day states belatedly that I'm in love


Maybe I am And is it wrtitten in the sand Or in my blood and my bones and my poetry and prose

In the highs and in the lows You've hit it squarely on the nose Now everybody and I know I'm in love

Spring Tide

What you believe in


Ghosts in closets bears in woods and angels leaving angel dust

Santas sacks and teeth for cash Rabbits running erands or chequebook hacks

Tell me honey.. Is this what you believe in?


Golden geese and talking sheep Mouse and missis, mice that speak

The monkey man up in the hills Or prehistoric grainy stills

Oh tell me watchers is this what you believe in


Devine consruction or Neanderthal higher plains or alcohol

Fighting faggots on saturdays streets Local chaos, worldwide peace

Oh tell me scholers is this what you believe in?


Party frocks and rows of shops Flocks on tightropes locked to stocks

And stiching garments in the dark While Albert watches from the park

Tell me mister & mrs is this what you believe in


Celebrity for celebrities sake St Peter guarding the golden gates

Selling hardware overseas And bringing the peasants to their knees

Tell me darlings is this what you believe in


Superficial and material Or spiritual and celestial

Exceptional or cynical, addicted or habitual

Tell me brothers and sisters is this what you believe in


Is this your compass, your rudder or your guide

Belief may be flawed and your faith may be blind


Is this your map, your direction or your guide

What you believe in

Don't fall


Frightened fists of lies drop your permanent disguise

I'm not here to chastise, I'm here to hold you

Discard your disregard for your self I know its hard

I'm not here to mark your cards I'm here to touch you


Love is lost on those who would doubt beneath a show

But theres no show, no gaudy clothes, Just me and my style

The path of least resistance holds no appeal and I'm insistant 

I'll walk my boots down to the bone just to carry you


My stories are so tall,  I'm so easilily bought or sold

A hard harsh heart half full, Don't fall in love

My backbone it is weak, the long term outlook looks bleak

I'll be gone within a week, don't fall in love

There is no courage behind my eyes, in smoke and illusions I hide

I'd take a lifetime to unwind, don’t fall in love

My stories are so tall,  I'm so easilily bought or sold

I spent far too long out in the cold, Don't fall in love with me


Frightened fists of lies I'll fly you twice around the skies

And while we flirt with the reprise I'll still be holding you

Consider all the times you hold ahead but all the while

Just lock these moment in your eyes to last a life time


Talk to me, touch me, hold me

But don’t fall

I'll wait for you, forgive you, feel you

But don’t fall in love with me

Don't Fall

No time for angels


Oh it makes me angry and oh it makes me sad

Oh it brings me solace, a fashion, a fad 

Songs to tell a story and words to lend a rhyme

Cold comfort cravings clawing at my time

Please I need a saviour, to save me


A beautiful understanding, a shoulder as cold as stone

One perfect cushioned landing,  a lonely broken road

And Oh it makes me bitter and it saps my strength and all of my style

I crawl on broken glass and red hot ashes and I would walk a country mile

But please I need a savoir, to save me


I have no time for angels nor have ever I touched a saint

So my darling please assist me and influence my fate, my fate


My celebrity obsession knows no limits and it shows no restraint

So I buy, buy and buy to fill this vacuum,

No regrets and no complaints

The plentiful ground below me is a bounty of riches to behold

My fleeting exsistance for all this my soul be sold

So please I need a doctor to cure me

Please I need a lover to love me

Please I need a savoir to save me

No time for Angels

No time for angels

Purple Girl


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